The universal aggregator for all research formats.

Your organisation's knowledge is scattered across too many tools because no one solution allows everyone to share everything in the same place.
Until now.

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Why Kyso?

Breaking down organisational
knowledge silos

Companies are pouring a LOT of $$$ into their data science &
research activities. Is this worth the time & cost if you're not
maximising the value created by these efforts?


How does Kyso work?

Kyso integrates with your existing tools & workflows. Minimal learning curve & no vendor lock-in.

Publish however you want

Researchers spend all their time working in technical tools (MLOps, Git, s3), where their results are stored. Kyso plugs into all these tools, so publishing is automatic & reports are always up to date with links back to the source files.


Organise, collaborate across teams

Categorise & maintain all documentation & research in one place, even as shared knowledge scales. Track projects as new versions are pushed & collaborate on Google Doc-style comment threads.

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Integrate with your existing data stack & business tools

Kyso integrates with your existing tools, products, and tech stack to make them work better for your team.


Your custom-built solution

We like to work very closely with our Enterprise clients, collaborating on custom features, workflows & integrations towards building the perfect technical knowledge management solution for your organisation.

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Ready to get started?

Contact us for a quick 1-1 to learn how companies are reducing time spent searching for results & duplicating work by over 20% after adopting Kyso as their centralised reporting system.